Eberhard Equipment

Earning your trust. Everyday. For 70 years

Eberhard Equipment employs four parts men and carries an unusually large inventory of new and used parts for the brands that it supports. The parts department belongs to computer networks that allow it to locate quickly what it doesn’t have. These parts, then, can be shipped directly to the customer.

Eberhard’s used parts business is particularly high. We disassemble about one tractor per week and sell components all over the United States at approximately 50% off regular prices.

Eberhard’s new parts prices tend to be less than its local competitors, partly because we take full advantage of the manufacturer’s discounts and often buy in large quantities. For example, one can purchase a five gallon can of hydraulic oil at our counter for $88.75.

Eberhard’s service department currently employs eight technicians, four of whom have over ten years with the company. We own two low-boy delivery trucks, and also use a full size pick-up truck and trailer for smaller deliveries. Finally we have two fully equipped service trucks, all linked with the service and sales department by two way radios.

The measure of customer satisfaction with Eberhard’s service department is best illustrated by it’s annual growth. To keep up with this growth, we continue to invest heavily in technician training. We have regular in-house training, give scholarship support to technicians completing their degrees, and send technicians annually to factory training sessions.

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